Enhancing E-Learning Using Free Web Resources

Mainstream E-Learning systems are not alone big-ticket and bulky to use, they are aswell mostly advised for ambit acquirements and accord schools. But why buy durably structured and big-ticket acceptable E-Learning systems if you can body your own for pennies from the arena up?

To ability out to the adolescent bearing and accept them accept to you, you charge to allocution to them in their agenda accent (with acute phones and net books). You charge to go area they hang-out (Face book and Twitter). You charge to appoint them in an alternate ambiance with which they accept developed up with – basic or otherwise. You charge to be digitally in-touch with them the way they are digitally affiliated to aggregate and annihilation that affairs abundant to them. This is the role of today’s educators – to admit acceptable ability (academics) in a way they will not bore their adolescent acceptance to death. This is a role best played by amalgam E-Learning with academic approaches to education.

As the adage goes, “the best things in activity are free!” With E-Learning, you can activate up assignment application chargeless Web 2.0 applications. With a little backbone and a lot of adroitness you’d be able to inject your class to clothing the aftertaste and needs of your students. Here are some Web 2.0 applications you can alpha with:

• Video and Podcasting Aside from YouTube, there are video hosting sites specific to apprenticeship which you can use for your video alive activities – These are TeacherTube, SchoolTube, and EduTube. There are aswell several chargeless online video address sites accoutrement a advanced arrangement of subjects. You can try Academic Earth, VideoLectures.net, The Open Course Ware Consortium, Learners TV, Address Fox, and YouTube EDU. You can aswell analysis some University sites like Yale, Stanford, MIT, and Princeton for video address sites. For podcasting, you can use iTunes or Audacity.

• Web Applications to advice accomplish presentations fun and agreeable – Give activity to your contrarily arid and dry lectures application Glogster, Zohoshow, Slideshare, Fotobabble, Prezi, Voki, Vuyox, and One True Media. (Note: There ability be some limitations to the chargeless versions of some of these applications.

• Blogs and Blogging – Blogger and WordPress are the a lot of accepted web platforms area you can actualize your blogs for free. To get account on how educators accommodate blogging to their academic class you can appointment agents blogs like Spencer’s Scratch Pad, Dan Meyer’s Blog, Division by Zero, and Andrew Watts Blog. These bloggers accept auspiciously acclimated blogging as an able apparatus to appoint students.

• Educational Amateur – the gamification of apprenticeship is the latest trend educators are accepting absorbed on too at an accretion rate. For chargeless downloadable educational amateur you can analysis gameaquarium.com, educational-freeware.com, funschool.kaboose.com, tvokids.com.

• For Wikis and basic worlds – analysis PBwiki.com and Second Life.